Spiritual Resilience Conference, Braggtown Baptist Church, Durham NC


Eric Burmahl, lead pastor of Braggtown and conference organizer, wrote on the event’s website, “Resilience. It is a word that is used often in the military context. You hear references such as ‘we bend but do not break.’ That sounds very noble but many in the military community (current and veteran) are struggling…

Berry continued, “If our service members are to be spiritually resilient, they must be free and unafraid to live out their faith. Our brave military men and women must understand that resilience only forms when there is challenge. Therefore, they must not only be physically fit, morally fit and mentally fit, but they must be spiritually fit.”

Conference attendees can hear Berry expand on the topic during his talk, “Christian Rights in the Battle of Religious Liberty.”

Via the Biblical Recorder. See more at BBCDurham.com.