US Air Force Reminds Transgenders to Respect Religious Peers

The US Department of Defense is issuing its policies on “transgenders” serving in the military service-by-service. As noted at the Air Force Times, the US Air Force became the latest to release its policies (PDF) on how its Airmen should conduct themselves with regard to grooming, uniform standards, and bathroom usage if they decide they want to be the other gender.

Interestingly, the Air Force made a point of emphasizing “respect” in differing beliefs (as opposed to behaviors) — even reminding transgender troops that they have to respect the “different views and beliefs” of their fellow Airmen [emphasis added]: 

All Service members are entitled to equal opportunity in an environment free from…unlawful discrimination on the basis of…religion, sex, or sexual orientation…

In today’s Air Force, people of different moral and religious values work, live and fight together on a daily basis. This is possible because they treat each other with dignity and respect. Airmen will continue to respect and serve with others who may hold different views and beliefs.

Notably, “respect” does not mean agreement. It will be a fascinating discussion the first time an Airman who declares himself a female has to interact with another Airman who “holds different views” — that is, that the male Airman is still a male Airman.

For example, does the transgender Airman have to “respect” the right of the other Airman to address him by the pronoun consistent with “different views,” or does the other Airman have to “respect” the transgender Airman’s “right” to be addressed however he wants? The overarching DoD policy was ambiguous (no pun intended) on this point, and service policy hasn’t been much clearer.

Whose “respect” wins?

On another note, though no transgender advocate appears to have yet complained, the Air Force continued the DoD tradition of only allowing Airmen to select “male” or “female” — and Airman have to abide by the policies applicable to that one gender. Apparently, the US DoD has not embraced the diversity of gender fluidity advocated by true neo-sexual advocates.