Air Force Chaplain Leads off Obama Town Hall

yost1Political controversies have largely led the news recently, which slightly obscured the Town Hall event held by US military commander-in-chief President Barack Obama on 28 September.

Some of the news from that event focused on Gold Star mother Tina Houchins asking President Obama why he refused to say “Islamic terrorist” — as well as his response that the issue had been “sort of manufactured.” However, Houchins wasn’t the first one to bring up the “Islamic” term. In fact, an Air National Guard chaplain was the first person to ask any question. He also used the term “Islamic jihadist” — a term the President appeared to ignore.

Chaplain (Maj) Jonathan Yost of the West Virginia Air National Guard’s 167th Airlift Wing asked:

“Mr. President, since you assumed office in 2009, there has been a substantial increase in terror attacks around the world. Likewise, here in the U.S., we’ve had major attacks in large cities such as Orlando, New York City, and elsewhere. Sir, my question to you, are we doing anything now greater to combat Islamic jihadists?”

President Obama disputed the assertion there had been a “substantial increase” in terrorism, and pivoted to describing the long-running military campaigns against ISIS and al Qaeda. President Obama concluded his answer by indicating a need to stop “hateful ideology…over the internet” and limit access to firearms.

Chaplain Yost was also the only Airman to ask a question.

A transcript of the event can be read here.