Did Mikey Weinstein Serve in Combat?

A critic recently took to Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s Facebook page to claim Weinstein had no combat duty and never “fought for this country, only against it.” The slam brought Curtis Weinstein — Mikey Weinstein’s son — out in Dad’s defense.


Curtis Weinstein Actually Gordon, my dad graduated from the United States Air Force Academy as an honor grad in 1977 and became a JAG and once he became a Captain, he was recruited by the Regan [sic] Administration to be one of his lawyers in the White House. Nice try though, it must be hard trying to understand life when you don’t even understand what a “fact” is.

With some grace for his desire to defend his family, Curtis didn’t do a very good job of it. Mikey Weinstein was accused of attacking the country, and never fighting for it. Curtis basically proved the point he was trying to defeat: Mikey Weinstein was a lawyer (after he was a Comm Officer) in the early 1980s.  The closest Mikey Weinstein ever came to a firefight was a briefing on the breakup of AT&T.  That doesn’t rebut the criticism.

Mikey Weinstein never served in combat.

One could just as easily say that Curtis has a hard time understanding “facts.”

That said, there are many good and upstanding people who served in the US military and never saw combat. There are also many evil people who did see combat — despite the propensity of the American public to categorically idolize troops who “risk their lives” for their country. The lack of combat experience on Mikey Weinstein’s part has only really been relevant once, when he tried to belittle Bill O’Reilly for his lack of combat experience.  Otherwise, Mikey Weinstein’s lack of combat experience is irrelevant.


Michael Lewis “Motor Mouth” Weinstein, 1977

If someone wanted a more relevant issue, a better question would be why Mikey Weinstein (and now his son) continue to say Mikey Weinstein was an “honor graduate” of the US Air Force Academy.  If you were to try to look up what that means, you’d find the “title” doesn’t exist, because the US Air Force Academy doesn’t have “honor graduates.”  Now, why would the Weinsteins feel the need to spruce up Mikey’s résumé? [Update: Mikey Weinstein disputes this characterization.]

Still, Curtis Weinstein’s “rebuttal”, while nobly intended, was really nothing of the sort. It seems the inability to articulate a logical position, answer a question, or defend a position is not limited to Mikey Weinstein or Chris Rodda.

Of course, as with their detachment from the truth, the Weinstein situational awareness has never been high.  Remember when Curtis’s brother Casey chided a critic for doing exactly what his dad Mikey Weinstein does?