Mikey Weinstein Accused of Clickbait — by His Own Supporters

Most people who follow military issues know US Army MajGen Wayne Grigsby was fired suddenly this week for an undisclosed reason. The mystery around why has attracted and kept the media’s attention, particularly as they’ve looked into his past and noted he was a relatively uncontroversial commander at Fort Riley, Kansas. The only newsworthy event, in fact, was a complaint from Michael “Mikey” Weinstein months ago about retired LtGen Jerry Boykin speaking at a prayer event.

And that’s enough of a connection for Mikey Weinstein, who has vaunted the same story a half dozen times over the past week. While he has repeatedly proclaimed “MRFF in the news!”, he’s left even some of his own supporters scratching their heads. Referring to one of Weinstein’s self-aggrandizing posts, a supporter said [emphasis added]:

This…has some serious click bait issues…There is no real meat to the story. There is mention of Gen Boykin but nothing links Grigsby to any MRFF Hot Button issues.

That’s an astute observation by someone who normally defends Weinstein. Weinstein is doing nothing more than hitching his wagon — very loosely, at that — to a popular news event. He’s stroking his own ego, even though neither he nor the media are saying he had anything to do with Gen Grigsby’s firing.

That hasn’t stopped him from trying to imply he did have something to do with it, though, saying he was the one “mak[ing] the news” and insinuating a connection between MajGen Grigsby and LtGen Boykin:

grigsbymikey(Note, too, that Mikey Weinstein’s shared stories require the reader to click through his website first, before they can proceed to the actual news site.  Clever trick, eh?)

Such “creativity” with the truth is not unlike Mikey Weinstein’s old claim that he was responsible for the Air Force shutting down the 523rd Fighter Squadron — a unit that was BRAC’d before he’d even created his MRFF.

In truth, no one knows (yet) why Gen Grigsby was fired (though backroom scuttlebutt has already raised some “moral” issues that have very recently come to light). Amazingly, that hasn’t stopped Weinstein’s extremist supporters — those acolytes who follow him like blind sheep — from high-fiving in the comments. Check out their responses to Weinstein’s announcement quoted above, with Weinstein declaring “No Boykin, now No Grigsby”:


Greg Petrequin Yes! Get these slime balls out of there! Our troops deserve better!

Randy Perkins Is this CG a preacher?

Jason Reardon Awesomeness! Thanks for all the work you do! MRFF is an amazing organization!

Leigh Abraham Great work!

It’s sickening when you realize these people are celebrating the demise of a General’s career and they have no idea why. And did you catch the first one? That’s retired USAF Col Greg “Mudbug” Petrequin calling Gen Grigsby a “slime ball” — and he has no idea why. Petrequin is the retired “senior officer” who admitted he’d been an MRFF activist while on active duty.  Some people wonder how Weinstein is able to make headway against Christians in the military.  It’s not hard when you have high ranking officers on the inside who not only agree with you, but also help you in your “war” on Christians.

A little ironic, don’t you think, that Mikey Weinstein’s supporters are displaying such “faith” and lack of reason in the absence of evidence?

Mikey Weinstein is obviously after publicity — and through that, donations to his “charity,” whose largest single expense is his own paycheck. It seems he’ll abandon any semblence of principle in a desperate attempt to pad his coffers.