Base Sets Traditional POW/MIA Table. With Bible.

A US military base recently honored prisoners of war and those still missing in action with a POW/MIA remembrance ceremony — which included the traditional table draped in white linen:

powbible9Note that the table still has a Bible — even though Michael “Mikey” Weinstein claims such a thing is illegal. Despite a few organizations acquiescing to his bigotry, Weinstein eventually encountered resistance and his crusade against the POW/MIA Bible fizzled. For now, many groups are continuing to set the traditional table in honor of those who were lost and did not return.

Soon enough, Chris Rodda and her crack research “team” will no doubt figure out where this was and — if Weinstein gets a second wind — he may renew his attacks. Until then, these troops there can focus on honoring POWs/MIAs.


One comment

  • I support the troops and the M.I.A.’S and the military’s right to have a table set up for the missing man formation table. Please replace all bibles on these table’s. Respectively “Doc”Sobley RVN Vet.