MRFF Board Member Attacks Mikey Weinstein

weinstein9Posted on the MRFF site, as written by John Compere, a retired US Army Brigadier General [emphasis added]:

As a 75 year old patriotic American, disabled Vietnam veteran & retired Army airborne officer, it is my observation that any man who resorts to hateful name-calling does so when he cannot address a subject with intelligence or integrity. Such childish behavior can often be observed on our elementary school playgrounds.

If you have the mental maturity for a rational reply to the subject of our Constitution, religion & the military, please see the attached. If you do not, Shalom & Happy Trails.

John Compere
Brigadier General, US Army (Retired)
MRFF Advisory Board Member

As the signature block indicates, Compere is actually speaking for the MRFF while responding to a critic. The 75-year old patriotic American, disabled Vietnam veteran, and retired Army airborne officer apparently doesn’t realize he just attacked Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, the very person he works for. Mikey Weinstein is famous for his name-calling tantrums — which have previously been compared to the conduct of grade school playground bullies.

BG Compere is right. Mikey Weinstein routinely fails to address issues with integrity or intelligence, exhibits childish behavior, and lacks the mental maturity for rational discourse on the US Constitution, religion, and the military. Well said.

There hasn’t been such an entertaining statement by a member of the MRFF since Casey Weinstein criticized his own dad’s “hyperbole.”