Humanists Threaten Suit over Veterans Memorial

Atheists are, again, attacking a veteran’s memorial because it has a cross, this time in New Jersey:


In an Aug. 11 letter to Mayor Carl Hokanson, the American Humanist Association threatened to bring litigation if the borough did not immediately take down the display.

The design violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and suggests the borough values the sacrifice of Christian soldiers to the exclusion of others, the non-profit group said in its letter.

The silhouette of a Soldier kneeling at a small cross no more establishes religion than do the crosses at Normandy from which the iconic symbology originates.

Those who say otherwise are stretching to find offense because of the shape of a piece of metal. That the shape is based on iconic headstones memorializing selfless sacrifice means nothing to those whose focus is on no one but themselves.