US Military Bases Host Vacation Bible School, Amazing gRace

As the school year starts to wind up in many parts of the country, the annual Vacation Bible School season is coming to an end. VBS remains a long held tradition for many — including many US troops, wherever they may be stationed.

At the US Army Camp Zama, Japan, more than 100 kids attended VBS at the beginning of August: 

This year’s theme was “SonTreasure Island” with a message of love.

“What happened this week was fabulous because the whole theme was about God’s love,” said Jeffrey Frick, Ph.D., Director of Religious Education for Camp Zama.

zamavbsThe ability to minister the love of Jesus Christ to mil-kids, regardless where the military has sent their families, is a unique opportunity within the military community.

Meanwhile, kids at Schriever attended a chapel event that was intended to “teach them virtues and think about their morals.” The “Amazing gRace” was a

base-wide scavenger hunt [that] tested the competitors’ creative skills, physical resilience, knowledge of world religion and random virtue-based trivia.

Given the general references to virtue and world religions, it appears to have been a more “generic” chapel event, rather than one hosted by a specific faith.

Chapels and chaplains continue to be a vital part of the military community — wherever they may be.


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