The Bible Stays: US Marines Tell Mikey Weinstein to Pound Sand

In early July Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s MRFF lodged a complaint with US Marine Corps’ Camp Hansen (one of seven Marine Corps camps on Okinawa), alleging that the presence of a Bible on a POW/MIA remembrance table constituted a “blatant violation of the Constitution.” This complaint followed the MRFF-inspired removal of Bibles from similar displays at four VA facilities and Wright-Patterson AFB (a removal which prompted Chaplain Sonny Hernandez to “replace” it by distributing Bibles to local Airmen).

The Marines, however, were not so forthcoming.

In an undated letter (PDF) just released by the MRFF, Camp Commander Brian Howlett told the MRFF the display would stay just like it is, thank you very much: 

Prompted by your request, I personally viewed the POW/MIA table and have determined the display will remain in place. The POW/MIA display…is located in a nonpublic forum, and has the secular purpose of honoring prisoners of war and our missing comrades in arms…

We will continue to honor those who have sacrificed their freedom in defense of our country while remaining aware of the family members and friends who may never know the ultimate fate of their loved ones.

Well done, Col Howlett. Compared to the rapid kowtowing mea culpas by the other services, Col Howlett did the US Armed Forces proud.

howlettIt is worth noting, of course, that Col Howlett never mentioned the Bible about which the MRFF complained. It is theoretically possible that Col Howlett did remove the Bible, but the tone of the letter (and the MRFF’s shock at the apparent backbone he showed) makes that unlikely. Rather, it seems the omission of the Bible from the letter was an intentional choice by Col Howlett and his JAG — as the commander clearly had legal advice in crafting the response. With that in mind, it is, indeed, a carefully and cleverly crafted reply.

And it seems Mikey Weinstein didn’t know what to do with it. While he’s normally full of spit and vinegar, raging about threatened lawsuits and “spiritual rape,” this time the normally verbose Weinstein had a volunteer assistant send Col Howlett a reply that simply “renewed” their complaint. Apparently, the factually challenged Chris Rodda was otherwise detained, and the well-paid Weinstein was too busy watching TV to do anything himself.

Of course, now that the MRFF has renewed its complaint, Col Howlett will suddenly see the MRFF-approved light and bow to their wishes.


Given the US military’s sometime propensity to acquiesce to Mikey Weinstein’s bigoted demands — whether out of political expediency or agreement with his cause — it is refreshing when a military commander has the moral courage and intestinal fortitude to do what’s right.

Often the right thing to do is also the harder thing to do — but this is a deviation from that norm. The right thing to do is to stand up for the culture of tolerance, diversity, and religious liberty within the military — and to do that, all the military has to do is tell Mikey Weinstein “no.” It’s actually not hard, because there are two important details about Mikey Weinstein and his campaign against Christians and religious liberty in the US military:

First, Mikey Weinstein is a paper tiger.  Second, he’s proven himself impotent.

Do the right thing.  It’s the right thing to do.


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  • God bless the U.S. Marine Corps, they will not take any stuff from the likes of Mikey Weinstein and no threats will bother them. Semper Fi Marines!