P-51 Mormon Mustang Fought the Nazis

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein might have manufactured a controversy over “Jesus rifles,” but in World War II, there was a Mormon Mustang.  From the 151st Air Refueling Wing in Utah:


Roland R. Wright stands next to the P-51 “Mormon Mustang” he made his name flying in over Europe in WWII. Wright shot down three enemy aircraft during the war.

The Utah Air National Guard is stationed on the recently-named Roland R. Wright Air National Guard Base, which is colocated with Salt Lake City Airport.  A P-51 bearing the name Mormon Mustang still flies today.

Wright died just last year.

In an era in which hypersensitive political correctness has stripped even remotely religious references from some parts of the US military, you sure wouldn’t see that on an airplane today, would you? And then to have the base named after him as well…