US Troops Pose with Cross. Mikey Weinstein Conniption to Follow.

A group of US Army Soldiers (and one Sailor) recently posed for a photo during training:

soldierscross3With a group of US troops posing in front of a flag with a Christian cross, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein will no doubt pontificate on the propaganda value such a photo provides for al Qaeda and ISIS, and how these troops are endangering the lives of their fellow troops, violating their oaths and the US Constitution, etc., etc., etc.  Standard bigoted fare.

He’s wrong, of course, but such tripe is common from Weinstein, and he generally requires hyperbole and flights of fantasy to get his way.

In actuality, this a group of Reserve chaplains and chaplain assistants, and the flag is an official military Chapel Flag. So there’s nothing at all wrong with the picture.

That said, it is worth noting that not every Soldier in that picture is a Christian. For one, the Soldier second from the far right is wearing the insignia of a Buddhist. It might have been nice to include the chapel flags of all the faiths represented, but it seems likely only a couple of people in the group even thought to bring one.

At any rate, it’s a good picture representing chaplains and their assistants as they participate in training to prepare for serving their fellow troops.

And it likely caused Mikey Weinstein to have a case of the vapors, as seems to happen any time he sees a remote association of the Christian faith with the US military.




  • Anonymous Patriot

    Wiener-stein just does not understand basic psychology. The more he attacks Military Christians; the more likely they are to defy him. If you tell a person to follow rule A, B, and C, he/she is more likely to do X, Y, and Z as a way to assert his/her autonomy. Psychology 101.

    Besides, most of the members of the military-religious and irreligious- recognize that Wiener-stein is just an incompetent media whore who likes it when people pay attention to his lunacy.

  • #BibleBelievingPreacher

    Sir, Weinstein cannot justify anything, because he has no justification for anything at all. His ego is his authority, and his hatred for Christians is his modus operandi.

    Also, as a military Christian, I am not trying to be rebellious in the sense that I do not like to be told I am wrong. I am defying Weinstein because his ego is not my authority, God is.

    Very Respectfully,