Update: God’s Country, Texas, Tells Atheists to Pound Sand

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, whose apparent mission is to scour the public landscape for things over which to be offended, recently told the town of Hondo, Texas, that their welcome sign was unconstitutional.

hondo2The City Attorney, Frank Garza, told the “humorless” FFRF what he thought of that, noting first that the sign “clearly” survives the Lemon Test, and, more importantly, no one has been harmed: 

The FFRF also failed to identify any specific members who had suffered actual harm from the Welcome Signs.

“As you are well aware, legal cases brought without actual harm are meritless,” he said.

It’s nice to see a town, even one as small as Hondo, stand up to a group of perpetually-offended anti-religionists, as it seems most cower out of fear of the cost of resisting the FFRF’s trampling of rights.  And they didn’t just thumb their nose, but also had a reasoned, articulate legal response that demonstrates how weak the atheists’ position really is.

Well done, Hondo.

Now if you could just do something about that long red light.