Chiefs of Staff: DoD Moving Too Fast on Transgenders

The Chiefs of Staff of the military services have apparently expressed concerns to the Secretary of Defense that the required changes necessary to integrate “transgendered” individuals into the military have to occur on too short a timeline:

Several senior U.S. officials, however, said that while the chiefs of the military services largely back the change, they sought more time to fully develop and implement the complex new rules.

Secretary Carter reportedly “adjusted the timeline” after hearing their concerns, apparently giving them an “additional 45 days” to implement the changes.

The policy also allows commanders to approve certain accommodations when possible, such as when troops are showering. That could include installing shower curtains, towel hooks or allowing transgender troops to shower at different times or wear minimal clothing.

Wonder if the military is now going to need a “bathroom bill.”

The foregone policy change occurred yesterday.  Should go off without a hitch.