Atheists Rush Internet Poll to Defeat Christian Grade Schoolers

Update: Mehta appears to have thought better of the post and appears to have pulled it down.

A group of atheist keyboard commandos is waging a campaign to mob an internet voting contest to help a specific public school win a new playground.

The reason they want to help that school? The “competitor” school is Christian.

From Hemant Mehta, the “friendly” atheist [emphasis added]:

Let’s help them out! (I’m sure the kids at the Christian school can just pray for a new playground…or get donations from parents who are already paying private school tuition.)…

Your minimal effort can help these kids get a nice new playground while also making the Baby Jesus shed a single tear.

The two schools are Kettle Lake Elementary in Alto, MI and Legacy Christian School in Grand Rapids.  You can see the current standings here, where those two school are far ahead of any other and were essentially tied before the atheists weighed in.

There’s nothing wrong with voting for whatever school anyone wants. The sad statement here is the explicitly stated motivation.

Atheists are trying to sway a competition between grade schools to prevent a Christian school from winning — just because its Christian.

That’s pretty cold-hearted, even by militant atheist standards.