US Army Promotes Virtues of Homosexual Behavior over Religious Liberty

One of the following was officially promoted by the US Army. The other was banned by the US Army.

Care to guess which one?

comparelgThe picture of BGen Tammy Smith — sometimes vaunted as the “first openly gay US general” — was posted to the US Army’s official Facebook page.  By contrast, Fort Riley withdrew its invitation to LtGen Boykin because the Army wanted to make sure its “diverse community feels welcome.”

While the Army’s publication of General Smith’s picture received a lot of “likes,” it also received a torrent of comments. The top comments receiving thousands of “likes” were universally appalled:

What ever happened to “The only color in the Army is green”?

…..and a straight, Caucasian, male, Chaplain will never be featured by the Army…

Is human sexuality now the business of the Army? The army is suppose to be more interested in defence of the country…

Why bring up your sexuality in relation to your leadership?

And from Steve Zielinski:

How about that poor general who was denied speaking at that military school this past week?
He was being true to his authentic self: Christian, military, but sorry, you’re going to offend some petite dainty here so get out!

This, of course, drove one person to repeat a variation of a (likely apocryphal) quote attributed to a Gunnery Sergeant Harry Berres:

I joined the Marines and homosexual behavior was illegal. Then they made it optional. Now it’s celebrated. I’m getting out before it becomes mandatory.

(The prophetic quote actually originated decades ago — at the creation of DADT.  The traditional retort has been “I thought it was always mandatory in the Marines…”)

Religious freedom is a human liberty that was pivotal to the founding of this Nation and is protected by the US Constitution. Religious freedom was “noted” for one whole day — and most of the US military didn’t even know it. Most US military bases didn’t even make an announcement, much less conduct Religious Freedom Day events of any sort. The President even issued a proclamation — as he is required to do by law.

By contrast, even indecent society used to confine sexual behavior behind closed doors. Sexual behavior is not a human liberty, and it is not a protected right. Still, the US government is publicly “celebrating” its “pride” in those who participate in homosexual behavior — not just for a day, but for an entire month. Multiple military bases have “gay pride” committees organizing “gay pride” events or inviting homosexual advocates to deliver speeches, all under the official sanction of the DoD. The President even issued a proclamation — of his own volition, as it has never been legislated by Congress.

The US Army will post a picture of a homosexual General officer solely because of her sexual practices, but with society in its current state, hell would probably freeze over before it puts up a picture of a line Christian General officer solely because of his faith.

And part of the Army’s justification for this unequal treatment will be its “diverse community,” completely ignoring the fact far more of its “diverse” Soldiers are in the latter demographic than the former — and they’d like to “feel welcome,” too.

Looking at this innocently from the outside, one would almost certainly conclude this public promotion of sex over faith was satire.

It’s sad that its true.



  • Sexual behavior is not a human liberty

    Says who?

    • @Donalbain
      Given the context of the statement, one might answer “says I.” Does anyone actually believe sexual behavior is a human liberty?

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