Secretary of the Army Nominee Eric Fanning to Headline Gay Gala

Eric Fanning will speak at gay “gala” sponsored by USAA…

The man nominated to be the next Secretary of the Army is now scheduled to keynote a gay “gala” for the homosexual-activist American Military Partner Association [emphasis added]:

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Eric Fanning keynote our 3rd Annual AMPA National Gala,” said AMPA President Ashley Broadway-Mack. “As an openly gay man who continues to break down barriers within our Armed Forces, Mr. Fanning truly leads by example and inspires our military families. We are looking forward to an incredible evening with him as we celebrate and honor our modern military families…”

That would be the same Ashley Broadway who protested not being included in a spouse group she didn’t even want to be in, and who awkwardly claimed to be a “devout” Christian — while apparently content to be unrepentant. And by “modern” families, she means homosexuals.

The nominee, Eric Fanning, was temporarily the Acting Secretary of the Army, until he was accused of violating the Vacancies Act for filling the position he was nominated for.  He stepped down, but his nomination has been on hold by Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) over issues of Guantanamo Bay.

As noted previously, the AMPA has used uniformed US troops in attempts to influence legislation — something frowned upon both by US code and military policy. Despite its status as a non-federal entity, ranking members of the DoD have essentially endorsed the group — an act generally viewed as contradicting government ethics regulations.

And yet no one seems to care.

By contrast, have a uniformed soldier stand up in front of a group and say something positive about religious faith, and it’s as if a coup d’état was in progress.

It’s almost as if everything is OK if the group in question advocates for same-gender sex — but not if the group advocates for religious faith.

It’s notable, too, that in this age in which homosexuality is supposed to be a “non-event”, homosexual groups continue to publicly celebrate their sexual behavior — even to the tune of vaunting their $150-a-plate dinners as in this gay “gala”.

Do you think, say, the Secretary of the Air Force would speak to a group of military families who had no other commonality than the fact the men had sex with women and not with each other? Maybe Chick-fil-A would cater.



  • Would DOD and military officials speak to military families not a part of the LGBT community? Why, yes. It literally happens ALL the time.

    And no one is celebrating sex. They are, however, celebrating the fact that they can die for your right to post this kind of article, knowing so little about this issue. They just want to serve and have the support of their loved ones without having to hide. They literally want the right to defend your right to bash them. America is a beautiful country, isn’t it?!

    • @Erin,

      …military families not a part of the LGBT community?

      You changed the question, which makes your retort kind of pointless.

      It was the AMPA who described the “gala” as an “LGBT event” — that is, an event defined by sexuality. Your issue on that topic is with them.

    • JD
      “Do you think, say, the Secretary of the Air Force would speak to a group of military families who had no other commonality than the fact the men had sex with women and not with each other?”
      Erin literally answered that question, with “yes. It literally happens ALL the time.”

    • @KT,
      If it happens all the time, it should be easy enough to provide an example of someone addressing a group of people who were gathered together because they were heterosexual.

      Name one.

  • It makes it an equality event. Period.

  • And just so I am more clear, and not pointless…here you go. Secretary of the AF speaking to women veterans, military families, etc.

    • @Erin,
      That article is about a group of women to whom the SECAF spoke because they were entrepreneurs, not because they liked having sex with men.

      If “LGBT” is an “equality” event, where is the heterosexual event with which it was equal?

  • Do you have any affiliation with the military at all? I’m guessing not. Bottom line…why do you care? It’s a great event, not costing you a thing, and with a great group of people who defend their country. How about thank them for their service…and move a long.

    • @Erin,

      why do you care?

      Surely you read the article above before you commented… so you know the answer to that question.

    • JD, answer the question: do you have any affiliation with the military whatsoever? I don’t think so either, Erin. The factless claims speak to someone who has “heard about” (annoying “quotations” added for emphasis) the military, but never lived it. In that vein, you’re just as poor a representative of Christianity. Stop bastardizing both. You sound like neither a true veteran service/family member, nor a true Christian.

  • I did read it. And it seems you don’t think it’s fair that the LGBT community gets recognized in anyway while Christianity is thrown to the side. Again, any affiliation to the military? Because a chaplain prays openly at every single military event. If you have served, then I thank you for your service. The same way you should thank anyone who has served…instead of bashing them online. It’s quite distasteful.

    • @Erin,

      You don’t seem to be “read in” to some of the details in the post, so here’s a link to a more detailed explanation.

      In short, it seems sometimes the US military enforces the rules differently, depending on whether the subject matter is religion or sexuality. You can guess which one appears to get the more liberal treatment. The apparent treatment of the AMPA, as discussed above, is a case study in that “inequality.”

      No one “who has served” was “bash[ed] online.” Surely you don’t think someone with whom you disagree is “bashing” people just because they disagree with you?

  • JD:
    Every military spouse event or event that involved military spouses before DADT was repealed. Start at 1775 and work your way to 2011.

  • I see why you are so “unhappy”. You’re “life” is “consumed” by so many “quotations”. It “seems” incredibly “EXHAUSTING”. Next year, you should “accompany” me! It’s a “great” time! Also, if you are “unhappy” with the “modern” families, I’ll buy your “wife” for eight cows. “Traditional” is what you want, right? I can “disagree” with you on many things…. “Sir” if you really are a “Sir”, however, kindly taste your “words” before you “spit” them out.


    Your neighborhood lesbian veteran mom

    • Proud Mom of a Lesbian ArmyBrat

      * I just want to kiss you * absolutely perfect statement! & if the small-minded idiot doesn’t want to accompany you- please pick me! ;)

    • #BibleBelievingPreacher

      #Proud mom of a lesbian Armybrat & neighborhood lesbian veteran mom:

      I will pray that God will open both of your eyes, because clearly you are both walking in darkness, because only someone who is blind would boast about sexual immorality. Do you not fear hell? Believe me, it is a long time to be proven you are both wrong, and you cannot say you were not warned.

      Please repent, and believe in the Gospel while you still have breath to draw.

      1 Corinthians 6:9-11

      9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous[a] will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,[b] 10 nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

  • The LGBT community encompasses anyone who does not fall into the heteronormative category. Not just a group of people who have sex with someone of the same-sex. Also, just like most straight people, LGBT people spend the majority of their time not having sex. Big surprise, I know. The AMPA started out as the first organization to support military spouses who previously had to hide their relationships for years. These spouses had to go through the deployment of their loved ones completely alone, with no support from the military or anyone really for that matter. Having the love of your life off in a war zone is hard enough as it is. They were not allowed to be part of military spouse organizations (which btw, the only commonality was that they were military spouses who had sex with the opposite sex.) The AMPA gala is an event where members of this group can meet each other and have a night of fun and enjoyment with those who have been there to support them. Both LGBT and straight allies attend. If you have never had to hide because of something you were born with or have been treated unequally because of who you fell in love with, then you cannot understand how imported this support group is to us. And for your information, I am a Christian who happens to be gay. And yes, Christians can sometimes get the short end of the stick too, however, Christians have really never had to hide here in America. They do not have to hide who they are for fear of losing their job while putting their lives on the line for their country. I bet you have never been scared of being beaten up in the military for being a Christian. In other parts of the world Christians really are persecuted but not here in America. Most discrimination to Christians here has been brought upon by other Christian’s hypocritical actions and hateful comments disguised as God’s word. So to finally comment on your point of LGBT getting special military treatment and not Christians; Christianity has been accepted by the military and this country for so long, it has been integrated into most everything. They do not need special support groups because of unfair treatment. I am not going to argue back and forth, I just hope I could bring more light on a subject you felt the need to write about online.

    • @S

      just like most straight people, LGBT people spend the majority of their time not having sex.

      That’s an odd thing to say. To get back on topic, care to comment on why “LGBT people” have gay galas, gay parades, gay celebrations, etc., and then try to claim they’re not getting together because they’re gay? Note that you don’t see equal celebrations of non-gay galas, non-gay parades, etc, where people celebrate their non-homosexuality.

      military spouse organizations (which btw, the only commonality was that they were military spouses who had sex with the opposite sex.)…

      That’s factually incorrect. Their commonality was their spouse was in the military. That’s why they are military spouse organizations. Check the adjectives. Just like AMPA — which substitutes “modern” for homosexual — and their gala, which they call an “LGBT military event.” The adjective is LGBT, which, of course, defines the entire event by whom people have sex with.

      Most discrimination to Christians here has been brought upon by other Christian’s hypocritical actions and hateful comments disguised as God’s word.

      So you acknowledge Christians are discriminated against because of what they believe. What’s disturbing is that you find such discrimination acceptable because you don’t like the beliefs in question.

      I am a Christian who happens to be gay.

      Every Christian is a sinner. What seems to separate (people who call themselves) Christians today is whether they’re content to continue to live in sin, or if they’re willing to repent.

  • When you have never had to fight to keep your job, your housing, many basic rights…there is literally no need to “celebrate” being straight. Furthermore, “equality” isn’t the right to throw a great party. You are so far off the mark here.

    You are right about one thing: discussing the sex lives of adults is odd…it’s very much a private matter between adults. I find it odd you seem to want to discuss the sex lives of other adults. I don’t know what you think happens at this gala, but there is no mention of sex. Perhaps because members of the LGBT community (and their allies) realize the issue is not about sex. It’s about who a person loves, it’s about being allowed to serve your country (be willing to DIE for your country) with the same basic rights as any other spouse.

    Just because you can’t understand it, just because YOUR religious beliefs don’t agree with it, just because YOU somehow feel it’s your business…does not negate the importance of it.

    I will stand by your right to believe whatever you want. As long as those beliefs do not infringe on another person’s civil rights. It wasn’t too long ago that religion was used as a “reason” to deny civil rights to other groups in our history.

    • @Erin,

      literally no need to “celebrate” being straight.

      How presumptuous of you. Besides, the question wasn’t why not have heterosexual celebrations. It was why the need to have homosexual celebrations. You’ve answered that by saying homosexuals were repressed, so they’re now celebrating the end of their repression. Fair enough. But don’t now turn around and say those homosexual celebrations are not, by their nature, predicated upon the sexuality of those celebrating. For crying out loud, the AMPA is the one who called it an “LGBT event.” “LGBT” is a sexual term.

      We’re about to have a whole “gay pride” month. The adjective is gay, which is a sexual term. It’s pride predicated upon sexuality. The homosexual community is the one apparently obsessed with publicizing and “celebrating” its sexuality. So its kind of hypocritical to accuse those responding to such public proclamations of “wanting to discuss the sex lives of adults.”

      Besides, who said anything about a party? Why not address the issue of equal treatment? That is, why is a homosexual advocacy group not called out for advocating for legislation and using uniformed military members to do so, when uniformed military members who are religious are called out for much more benign things? Why is a senior DoD official not called out for essentially endorsing a homosexual non-Federal entity, while DoD officials who speak kindly of religious organizations are?

      It wasn’t too long ago that religion was used as a “reason” to deny civil rights to other groups in our history.

      Now sexuality is used as a “reason” to deny civil rights to other groups. But most homosexuals are “celebrating” that kind of discrimination.