Navy: Ship Commissioning Not Changed over LGBT Bill

portlandThe US Navy has disputed reports that the USS Portland (LPD 27) will be commissioned in Portland, rather than where it is being built in Mississippi, because of Mississippi’s recently passed legislation protecting religious objections to homosexuality.

When the Navy announced the commissioning would happen in the namesake town of Portland, activists and some news outlets seized on the timing, with CBS reporting that “Navy ceremony moved over Mississippi anti-gay law objection.” The Navy disagreed:

The christening will go on as scheduled…on May 21 in Pascagoula, where the ship was built.

The commissioning ceremony — which was never scheduled to be at the same location as the christening — will take place next year in Portland.

Homosexual activists have painted a picture of dire consequences, mass hysteria, and dogs and cats living together as a result of multiple states’ religious liberty legislation.

Ironically, those same activists accused religious liberty advocates of fear-mongering during opposition to the repeal of DADT and DOMA.

Of course, religious liberty advocates were right, and Christians have been targeted for their religious beliefs since homosexuality was officially granted “supported” government status.

Maybe that’s why homosexuals are so concerned about laws protecting religious liberty.