Mikey Weinstein Attacks Religious Liberty Advocate

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein frequently shows off his “hate mail,” using the threats and invective shown against him as an attempt to legitimize his cause. His presentation of himself as a victim — which he uses to garner sympathy and donations — rings hollow, however, given the “hate mail” Weinstein participates in himself.

Weinstein published an attack on the religious liberty of US Air Force Academy cadets in the local Colorado Springs Gazette, calling their conduct a violation of regulations, the law, and the US Constitution. Weinstein’s personal invective associated these cadets with what he called a

virulent strain of fundamentalist Christian supremacy, triumphalism, and exceptionalism

In a reasoned defense of military religious freedom, Liberty Institute attorney Mike Berry — himself a Reserve Marine JAG — published his own column in the Gazette as a response, saying the MRFF and Weinstein were “wrong on the history and the law.”  That was as “personal” as the well-presented column got.

In a response to Berry’s column quoted at the Daily Caller, Mikey Weinstein 

called Berry a “raging mother [redacted]” and stalking horse for Christian fascism.

Most are likely caught off guard by Weinstein’s emotional outburst, ad hominem, and the personal invective it contains. Unfortunately, this is standard Weinstein fare — especially when his ego comes into play, as it likely did in response to Berry’s effective disassembling of Weinstein’s position.

Mikey Weinstein rarely, if ever, defends his positions or rebuts arguments that counter his near-continuous assaults on religious liberty.  Rather, Weinstein attacks the people who disagree with him and choose to defend the religious freedom of US troops.  And Weinstein doesn’t just disagree with people.  He hates them with the very core of his innermost being, and he vents that loathing, with all its vein-popping invective and spittle, to the media or on the internet for all the world to see.  His conduct is nothing more than the tirade of a toddler.

Such a repugnant character should give significant pause to those who think Mikey Weinstein is a principled advocate for any higher cause — at least, any cause higher than himself.


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  • #BibleBelievingPreacher

    I am not surprised that “Mikey” Weinstein is making disparaging remarks. I would like to share why I believe Weinstein should never be taken seriously (people are now starting to figure this out):

    1. Weinstein has only a few weapons: a thesaurus, computer, legal threats, and a hatred for the Christ (Jesus) that he will one day bow down to

    2. He will talk about a Marine behind a computer, but not to his face

    3. He is a failed lawyer who has “NEVER” been victorious in a religious liberty lawsuit, which explains why he obviously does not like a lawyer who actually does win (Mike Berry)

    4. Weinstein’s nickname is “paper-tiger” because he is vicious behind a computer, but when asked to debate by a junior officer/chaplain (Sonny Hernandez), the paper tiger remains silent to risk the public embarrassment of exposing himself out in the open (without a thesaurus, and without a computer to hide behind) to defend his thwarted and positions where he will be exposed as a fraud.

    I am grateful for all of the articles from Christianfighterpilot.com. They have exposed Weinstein and his “terrible-two” tantrums, that should not be expected from an attorney, but from a toddler.