Navy Chaplains Open Congress with Prayer

As part of the celebration of the 240th year of the Navy Chaplaincy, US Navy Chief of Chaplains (RAdm) Margaret Kibben and Chaplain of the Marine Corps (RAdm) Brent Scott opened the US House of Representatives and US Senate, respectively, with prayer on December 16th [emphasis added]:

During her prayer to open the session of the House of Representatives, Kibben acknowledged the “pastors, rabbis, priests and imams who over the course of 240 years have left the safety of their homes and the comfort of their pulpits to wear the cloth of this country’s Navy” and asked God’s help “to ensure the voices of faith are never silenced.”

In his prayer before the Senate, Scott thanked God for a people bound together “through the more noble ideals of liberty, justice and equality, formed as one nation under God.”

US Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va), co-chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, also spoke of the support Congress has attempted to provide to the chaplaincy [emphasis added]:

Forbes remarked on the support members of Congress extend to Navy chaplains and emphasized that they “stand with [them] consistently to try and protect that service.” He also spoke about the role of chaplains to help those who search for meaning and purpose in their life through faith.

We appreciate your being there to help them in that search…to let them know there are others who share that faith with them and want to help them find that meaning and purpose….Thank you for being that light for [these] men and women who serve,” Forbes said.