Humanists Appeal, Continue Attack on Bladensburg Cross

Following a Federal judge’s ruling against them a few weeks ago, the American Humanist Association has now filed an appeal of its lawsuit against the Bladensburg Peace Cross, a 90-year old World War I memorial in Maryland:

“The Bladensburg Cross is an enormous Christian symbol on government property and has the clear effect of endorsing religion,” said Monica Miller, senior counsel for the Appignani Humanist Legal Center. “We will continue defending the First Amendment rights of our clients as well as all non-Christian service members who are excluded from the government’s Latin cross monument.”

Ironically — if that can even be the right word — the American Humanist Association is simultaneously trying to make the case that it is ‘tolerant’ enough of religion to justify the creation of a “humanist chaplain” within the US military’s chaplaincy. The AHA is currently involved in a lawsuit against the US Navy in the fight for a non-religious religious representative.

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, frequent critic of religious liberty in the US military, had “joined” the original lawsuit, though he is not mentioned in the appeal.