Homosexuals: “Shame, shame, shame” on Liberty University for Denying Military Tuition Discount

The homosexual advocacy group American Military Partner Association tried mightily to cause an outcry after Liberty University refused to give a military spouse discount to a homosexual “wife” of a female service member. On spouseBuzz, a subsidiary of Military.com, a homosexual woman described as “Army spouse Janay” was denied the discount and said

Liberty’s response has actually hurt my feelings a little bit. We are all equal no matter what and after speaking with a representative from Liberty I don’t feel as if we are all equal. I kind of feel like an outsider…

The AMPA amped up the rhetoric, with Ashley Broadway-Mack saying 

This is absolutely outrageous. What kind of university thinks it’s ok to exclude a military spouse from the support they need just because they happen to be gay or lesbian? Do they somehow think gay and lesbian service members and their families sacrifice any less than their heterosexual counterparts and are less deserving of this discount? Shame, shame, shame on Liberty University!

(For perspective, Broadway once described herself as a “devout Christian.” As an apparently unrepentant homosexual, she is “judging” a Christian university’s adherence to their faith…)

To be accurate, Liberty University did not exclude homosexuals “just because they happen to be gay or lesbian [sic].” They chose to exclude homosexuals because they do not meet Liberty’s definition of a military spouse — therefore they do not qualify for the discount of a military spouse. Broadway’s reference to “sacrifice,” while emotionally sensational, is irrelevant.

To their likely chagrin, a few of AMPA’s supporters pointed out that Liberty is a private Christian university — and can therefore legally do what it wants. Many AMPA supporters scoffed at why a homosexual would even want to attend Liberty, which is known for its conservative Christian values:

From the article:

To expect a private Christian university renowned for its conservative beliefs to accept gay students is a little silly, they said.

Yet, homosexual advocates — who once proclaimed they just wanted the freedom to live their lives in peace — are increasingly attempting to force others to accept their lifestyle. If you are a baker, florist, public personality, or university that has religious beliefs in opposition to an acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, gay advocates have demonstrated their willingness to go out of their way to publicly berate, sue, or run you out of business.  Apparently, homosexual advocacy has become “freedom for me, but not for thee.”

Aside from “hurt feelings,” Liberty University causes no harm in adhering to its religious tenets regarding marriage and sexuality. By contrast, in attempting to “shame” a Christian institution for not approving of their lifestyle choice, homosexuals are demonstrating the vindictive methods they will use to try to force their worldview on any who disagree with them — including those with sincere religious beliefs.

Because in this day and age, some people think erotic liberty trumps religious freedom.

Also at the homosexual advocacy Advocate.com.


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