Air Force Dismisses EO Complaint from Wiccan Hindu

As noted at, the Air Force Equal Opportunity office at Joint Base Andrews dismissed the EO complaint from contractor Deborah Schoenfeld, the self-described Hindu-interested-in-Wicca (whose complaint was previously discussed):

The office on Oct. 27 dismissed her complaint, saying she filed too late and also because the individuals she claimed discriminated against her “are not Air Force employees.”

Schoenfeld disputes the filing deadline issue, but it appears to be moot if the subjects of the complaint weren’t even in the Air Force. Schoenfeld disputes that, too, saying 

that after she was fired her supervisor, Tech. Sgt. LaShonda Jones, solicited back-dated letters of complaint about her from other clinic employees.

If that’s the extent of her claim, she’ll fail there, as well. Even if Schoenfeld’s complaint about Jones is completely accurate, it is simply “a” complaint, not an Equal Opportunity one, as it does not constitute discrimination nor was it prior to her termination — meaning the original dismissal by the EO office will stand.

Oddly, the article notes her complaint included at least two Army Soldiers, including the NCOIC of the clinic — over whom the Air Force wouldn’t have purview. It begs the question why Schoenfeld would lodge the complaint with the Air Force at all, rather than the Army.

Schoenfeld apparently plans to sue, with Michael “Mikey” Weinstein saying

We will help her find a litigator for this.

Despite being a lawyer himself, Weinstein has declined to take on MRFF lawsuits himself (save the first he filed), and none of his lawsuits have survived the first motion to dismiss. That may be why he has had problems finding other lawyers to work pro bono — which, according to MRFF insiders, is the only way the MRFF will litigate the case.

This despite the fact Mikey Weinstein rakes in nearly three-quarters of a million dollars per year in his “charity” — and banks much of that as his personal pay.


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