USAFA General Recalls Two Years of Leadership

The Colorado Springs Gazette wrote a short article on the US Air Force Academy’s Superintendent, LtGen Michelle Johnson, in which she looked back on the last two years of her leadership of USAFA:

In her first days on the job at the Air Force Academy, Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson found herself justifying the school’s existence amid a Pentagon budget crunch and a looming government shutdown.

Two years later, she says those first frantic weeks have formed the foundation of a revitalization of the 61-year-old university Johnson leads.

“It’s a crucible experience,” Johnson said. “We used it to focus on what’s really important for the Air Force.”

Most notable is the Gazette’s complete lack of mention of any word related to “religion.” For a few years it was difficult to discuss USAFA without at least mentioning Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s criticisms of the religious environment there.

Fortunately, USAFA fended off most of those attacks, and Weinstein’s “legacy” has faded so farĀ it doesn’t even warrant a background mention in an article covering two years at USAFA — even though Weinstein says USAFA under Johnson is characterized by “fundamentalist Christian fascism and totalitarian oppression and tyranny.”

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