MajGen Dondi Costin Becomes Newest AF Chief of Chaplains

Chaplain (Col) Dondi Costin was promoted two steps to Major General and installed as the Air Force Chief of Chaplains in a ceremony on August 28th.

In a statement quoted in the Air Force Times, Chaplain Costin responded to the stories of his “memorable” invocations, which may give some insight into his opinion on “ceremonial prayer”:

Costin told Air Force Times that he spends a lot of time understanding each ceremony’s purpose and those being honored.

“Invocations aren’t just ceremonial placeholders lingering from a bygone era,” he said. “Rather, they are opportunities for us to ‘invoke’ God’s blessing on the business at hand.”

He further noted the Chaplain Corps he now leads serves all, even

those whose comprehensive fitness program does not include formal involvement in an on-base faith community…

“Every chaplain and chaplain assistant can tell you story after story of helping those with religious beliefs and those without,” Costin said. “My message to all airmen is that the Chaplain Corps exists to support their fitness and resiliency any way we can.”

A Southern Baptist, Chaplain Costin is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy (1986) as well as Liberty University.

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