Mikey Weinstein has Lunch with Pam Zubeck. Film at 11.

Pam Zubeck has written for The Colorado Springs Independent, a small, left-leaning local paper, for a few years. Some time ago she became a veritable public affairs officer for Michael “Mikey” Weinstein, taking on his mantle and acting as his outlet for just about anything he had to say. (For the record, that’s a characterization she really dislikes.)

Last Wednesday, Zubeck had lunch with Weinstein…and that was apparently newsworthy for a small paper in town. She asked him about his next big thing:

Mikey Weinstein, the crusader against religious bias in the armed forces, will ask the Air Force Academy to remove the words “in the year of our Lord” from diplomas for the class of 2016, which graduates in May, he tells the Independent.

Yes, Pam Zubeck just gave Weinstein the ironic moniker of “crusader.” Armed with this juicy exclusive, Zubeck ran to the Air Force Academy for their reaction, since they have to respond to anything Weinstein mentions over lunch.

USAFA said:

No comment.

Seems USAFA’s days of pandering to Mikey Weinstein’s every lunch hour whim are gone, along with the bat signal.

Despite being Weinstein’s ally, Zubeck also managed to highlight his very selective outrage:

Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr., superintendent at the U.S. Military Academy…has been responsive to MRFF’s concerns…”We haven’t had a single issue, because he understands this,” Weinstein says.

To summarize, then: Mikey Weinstein is “at war” with the US Air Force Academy and, when he finally gets around to it, is going to demand USAFA remove “year of our Lord” from USAFA diplomas.

Meanwhile, Weinstein is chummy with West Point, and won’t ask the USMA to remove “year of our Lord” from their diplomas.

Sound rational to you?