US Military to Add Homosexuality to Protected Classes

According to the Washington Blade (a “gay news source”), the US military is set to add “sexual orientation” to its list of classes protected under the Military Equal Opportunity program — a list that currently includes religion and race. The change would appear to coincide with the “celebration” of homosexuality occurring during the declared “LGBT Pride” month.

Previously, the military had said that sexual harassment was addressed by EO irrespective of hetero- or homosexuality, and therefore special¬†protections were not needed. The plan for implementation of DADT repeal specifically said that sexuality should not be added as a ‘special class’ in EO protection [emphasis added]:¬†

The Working Group does not recommend that the [DoD] place sexual orientation alongside race, color, religion, sex, and national origin as a class eligible for various diversity programs, tracking initiatives, and the Military Equal Opportunity program complaint resolution processes. Instead, if a Service member experiences inappropriate interpersonal behavior where sexual orientation is a factor, he or she should use existing (non-MEO) mechanisms to file the proper complaint

Gay and lesbian Service members be treated under the same general principles of military equal opportunity policy…

It would seem the DoD has now reconsidered their original decision, and, for an unknown reason, has decided sexual orientation requires special protection.

Homosexual advocacy groups have said the change is necessary and celebrated the announcement, though they noted not a single example in which such protections were necessary and lacking in the years since DADT has been repealed.