President Proclaims LGBT Pride Month

Official DoD poster for LGBT “pride”

President Obama has declared June “LGBT Pride” month. In an official DoD release, the US military said:

The federal government, including the Department of Defense, is leading by example to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens “are judged by the quality of their work, not by who they love.”

Consistent with this celebration, a variety of US military bases are scheduled to host events to demonstrate lesbian, gay, and bisexual “pride.”  Last year, a few such military celebrations of “pride” turned into sideways attacks on troops with religious beliefs, including a Navy NCO who derided “twisted” religious dogma that conflicted with support for homosexuality, and an official Air Force article that implied not “celebrating pride” was “prejudice.”

In an interesting comparison, religious freedom was celebrated for a single day this year, and without any significant military ceremony.

Update: Military gay “pride” events at Elmendorf, Shaw AFBHawaii, NAS Jacksonville, the USS George Washington, Kunsan, Hurlburt, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the USS Ashland, the DIA, and more commentaries published (Eustis).


One comment

  • This should be repealed immediately. The United States Armed Forces is not a social club; it’s job is to win the war, not celebrate diversity.