DoD Teaches “May I Kiss You?”

The Air Force has become the most recent branch of the Department of Defense to hire the services of Mike Domitrz, whose “Date Safe Project” company is based on his “May I Kiss You?” book and speaking.

Each “May I Kiss You?” session covers three major areas: asking before a person engages in intimacy with their partner, how to intervene if they see alcohol used to facilitate sexual assault, and how to support a survivor should they confide in the audience member that they have been affected by a sexual assault…

He gives the “Can I Kiss You?” talk at an average of 50 military bases a year, including recent sessions at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Fort Bragg, Fort Meade, Fort Belvoir, and the Navy Fleet Forces stationed in Bahrain. An upcoming event is scheduled at the Atlantic Fleet Forces in Naples, Italy

He was recently at Pensacola NAS.

Most will miss the irony that this training violates the claim the government cannot teach morality — though it is attempting to do so from an entirely areligious point of view.

For her part, Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James said the Air Force needs to “keep the focus on prevention.”

While perhaps not the social norm in today’s society, instead of a policy of “May I Kiss You?”, a military policy of “Keep Your Pants On” — that is, one that officially discouraged sex outside of marriage — would probably go much further in revamping the sexually permissive culture that contributes to incidents of sexual assault.  Unfortunately, such a viewpoint is automatically viewed as being religious, and is therefore dismissed out of hand.

The concept that a “hook up” culture contributes to the problems in the military is a perception shared by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen Mark Welsh.

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