Jewish Troops Celebrate Passover in Afghanistan

Passover Seder in Afghanistan
US troops stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan, were recently given the opportunity to celebrate Passover:

Deployed Jewish service members in Afghanistan continue to celebrate their traditions by observing holidays, adhering to dietary laws, and practicing their faith…

The celebration was led by a chaplain from nearby Bagram AB, Army Chaplain (Capt) Karyn Berger, is one of only two female Rabbis in the US Army.

The article notes that Navy LtCmdr Mahmoud Ahmed, who is Muslim, also attended the Jewish Seder.

The US military often does an admirable job of providing for troops’ religious exercise, even when they are deployed to combat regions. Unlike Michael “Mikey” Weinstein or his assistant Chris Rodda, the US military has not considered the publication of non-Muslim religious celebrations to be a “provocation” of America’s adversaries, despite the fact that celebrations like this took place in a country in which not being a Muslim is practically a capital crime. Rather, it is a model of religious freedom.

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