Mikey Weinstein Validates his War on Christians

Though Michael “Mikey” Weinstein frequently says he and his MRFF “charity” are not “anti-Christian,” his actions continually contradict his words.

In a recent post from Weinstein’s Twitter feed, he claimed that “Dominionism” is a “nat’l security threat.” The picture he used to make the point? A group of Christian Army trainees attending a Bible study:

Anti-Christian Mikey Weinstein

So a man who says he believes in religious freedom — and a man who says he is not anti-Christian — uses a picture from a Soldiers’ Bible study to illustrate the rampant “national security threat” he believes exists in the US military.

Weinstein can say whatever he wants. Whenever his words turn into deeds, he has done little more than attack Christians serving in the US military — and he has attacked them only because he dislikes their faith.

It would seem Weinstein’s “anti-Christian” label on the AFA’s map of bigotry fits just fine.