Book Review: One of the Few

Jason Ladd
Ladd Publications

The title and cover imagery of One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview recall the iconic slogan of the US Marine Corps: The Few. The Proud. But the book is about far more than the US Marines. One of the Few is also about “one of the few” Christians and fighter pilots in today’s society.

One of the Few is not a traditional book about fighter pilots. The three-part book does chronicle US Marine Jason Ladd’s journey to become a fighter pilot, and his flying as a fighter pilot in combat. More central to the book, however, is the story of Ladd’s journey to becoming a Christ-follower, a journey that only starts with Ladd’s tortured admission he was living as an atheist for many years.

Ladd comes to that realization through an assessment of his worldview, and that paradigm characterizes much of the latter two-thirds of the book as he analyzes social and cultural issues through the lens of reason, Christianity, and the military — with the uniquely added depth provided by his “experience” as an atheist. As a point of comparison, Christian Fighter Pilot is not an Oxymoron speaks directly to the issues and idiosyncrasies of the fighter pilot world — things like alcohol, profanity, ethics, and war, for example. One of the Few speaks to those issues on a much broader level as they apply to Christians and society as a whole.

In that regard, One of the Few uses Ladd’s experience as a fighter pilot to provide an engaging background to a book that at once challenges non-Christians and Christians alike to understand the worldview they have — whether they realize it or not — and then to seriously consider the eternal consequences of that worldview.

As a Christian commentary on salvation, social issues, the church, and apologetics — discussed through the lens of a military fighter pilot — One of the Few is an excellent and engaging read.

One of the Few is Recommended.

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