Summary of SecDef’s Career Starts with Homosexuality

Karen Parrish of the DoD News wrote a fairly lengthy article summarizing the highlights of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s career. It’s the kind of article one expects to read at someone’s retirement, though Hagel won’t technically leave office until his successor is appointed.

Notably, a nearly 2,000-word summary of Secretary Hagel’s tenure — which spans significant developments in the DoD budget, wars, and more — begins with homosexuality:

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel led the Defense Department through fundamental changes during his tenure of almost two years.

Since being sworn in on Feb. 27, 2013, Hagel shepherded internal reforms and defended against new and rapidly evolving external threats. He welcomed same-sex couples into the ranks and continued the work to open combat arms jobs to women…

Interestingly, religious liberty in the US military is no where mentioned in the article, though military religious freedom was the subject of congressional law each year of Secretary Hagel’s tenure.

People may not get to choose their legacy. It seems there is a portion of society that considers the open service of homosexuals in the US military a pinnacle event of both society and Secretary Hagel’s career.

What do you want to be known for?