Military Times Covers Air Force Refuting Mikey Weinstein

On Friday it was noted here that no media outlet had covered the Air Force response to Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s complaint about an article on a Christian Airman. On Sunday, Stephen Losey of the Air Force Times finally picked up the story (which led on their website), writing that the Air Force had found nothing wrong with the article and let it stand:aftimesgallo

AFRC spokesman Philip Rhodes said the review was finished earlier [last] week, and the release will not be taken down. “We vetted the question about the story through Air Force legal and chaplain corps, and all agreed that the story is appropriate as it is displayed,” Rhodes said.

This statement, which was apparently only the result of a media inquiry, seems to consitute the entire public Air Force response to Weinstein’s invective.  Left unanswered is why an Air Force news release has to be vetted “through Air Force legal and chaplain corps” just because Mikey Weinstein complained.

Losey notes Weinstein “declined to comment.” The normally loquacious and media hungry Weinstein has apparently blacklisted the Military Times after its exposé on his salary last year.