Mikey Weinstein Loses in Attack on Military Christians

Last week, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein accused¬†the US Air Force Reserve Command of violating the US Constitution by publishing a public affairs release about an Airman’s medical missions trip over Christmas — because it talked about the Airman’s faith in Jesus Christ. In response, the Air Force put a disclaimer on the article and assured Weinstein his complaint would be looked into.

The disclaimer has now been removed, and the article has appeared on more than one Air Force news site.

In other words, Weinstein “lost.” The Air Force (apparently) disagreed with his claim that the article “emboldens our Islamic enemies” or is a “textbook violation” of regulations.

There was no Air Force press release, no announcment of a finding, nor any other indication from the Air Force about its decision. To be fair, the AFRC had also declined to comment on the initial story, but Weinstein made sure a media outlet not only knew about the complaint, but also received a copy of the emails showing Vice Wing Commander Col Aaron Vangelisiti reassuring Weinstein that he was being heard.

Unfortunately, that means many people know Weinstein made the complaint and that he was able to get the Air Force to respond; few will know that the Air Force ultimately told him to pound sand.¬† Weinstein’s ego escapes the bruising the rejection might otherwise have engendered.

A well-worded press release noting the Air Force’s support for religious freedom, proactively noting that having and speaking about one’s religious faith is perfectly acceptable in the US Air Force, would have gone far to mitigate the perceptions surrounding Weinstein’s initial attacks.

As previously mentioned, the US military puts out human interest news articles on its troops on topics across the ideological spectrum. That Mikey Weinstein thinks a Christian topic should be prohibited, but not any other religion or “controversial” topic, demonstrates the depth of his hatred toward Christians — even those who sacrifice in service to others, whether to serve sick kids in foreign lands, or to defend Mikey Weinstein’s freedom to attack their freedoms.

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