Review: Bardin & Marsee’s Waterproof Bible

The waterproof Bible by Bardin & Marsee Publishing (trademarked as the WATERPROOF BIBLE®) is a unique take on producing and carrying God’s Word.  For those who may want to carefree-carry a Bible into any environment, it may be a very useful option.

The Waterproof Bible meets its primary goal of providing a very durable — and obviously waterproof — means of carrying Scripture. It is available in five translations to which Christians are accustomed, including the popular (but falling out of favor) NIV and the increasingly popular ESV.  The fonts and page color don’t suffer despite the unique material used to substantially increase in durability.

The material will be familiar to Air Force operators, as the paper is the same tear-resistant plasticized paper used in aircrew checklists. The paper accepts notes written with pencil easily. Ballpoint pens may smear very slightly; pens with more flowing wet ink probably shouldn’t be used.

On the down side, the material makes the Waterproof Bible considerably heavier than regular Bibles, particularly when compared to the small or thinline versions popular for pocket-carrying on military missions. That said, the New Testament edition (which includes Psalms and Proverbs) is still quite portable. The full-size Bible would likely be unwieldy even for a uniform cargo pocket.

For those who care about such things, plain cover options are somewhat limited.  (There isn’t a plain black cover available, for example.)  Camouflage and some blue/pink covers are standard.

The Waterproof Bible is also pricey, at more than $30 for a full Bible and almost $20 for a New Testament.  Still, for a Bible that is likely going to be long-lasting due to its construction, the cost may reflect the investment.

Often, size is most important, and there are several pocket-sized Bibles that will meet that need. When durability is an issue, however, as it may be for some members of the military who deploy around the world, the Waterproof Bible is an excellent option.

(Bardin & Marsee produced a tailor-made Waterproof Bible to be issued to new recruits in the New Zealand Defence Force (and it was endorsed by Bear Grylls).)

From the publisher:

The WATERPROOF BIBLE® is printed on 100% plastic. This material is both waterproof and tear-resistant with normal use. This material is adversely affected by temperatures above 150°F. If the WATERPROOF BIBLE® freezes while wet, thaw before opening. This durable format can be dried with a towel or by standing it on the spine with the pages up. Water will cause the pages to adhere to one another, but once dry, they will return to their original condition. Petroleum products can cause the ink of the WATERPROOF BIBLE® to smear, so keep it away from all such products, including bug spray.

The WATERPROOF BIBLE® is available from the publisher and at Amazon. (This site is an Amazon Associate and may earn from qualifying purchases made through Amazon referrals.)