Klingenschmitt Loses Appeal of Military Discharge

In November, former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt lost his Federal appeal (filed in 2011) of his discharge from the Navy, which had stemmed from his 2006 court-martial.

“I sued the domestic enemies of the Constitution in the DC Court of Claims to redeem my career [and] to redeem my pension after I was robbed by people who punished me for quoting the Bible in chapel,” he tells OneNewsNow. “[I was robbed] by people who punished me for praying in Jesus’ name in uniform outside of chapel.”

The ruling can be read here.  Klingenschmitt has indicated he plans to appeal.

As a side note,

Klingenschmitt was elected to the Colorado State Legislature in November, and at last report still had an open lawsuit against Michael “Mikey” Weinstein for defamation.