Too Few Atheists Buried at Normandy? (Video)

Are there too few atheists buried at Normandy?

It’s an interesting way to phrase the complaints about crosses and Stars of David when they pertain to representations of the iconic cemeteries of American soldiers in Europe.

Quoted in a Washington Times article by Valerie Richardson entitled “Anti-religion group gripes about lack of atheists buried at Normandy,” Sam Grover of the Freedom from Religion Foundation had this to say:

“It is unfortunate that the iconic headstones at the Normandy cemetery do such a poor job of representing the diversity of today’s military,” Mr. Grover said in the statement, sent by email to The Washington Times.

The “controversy” that inspired Grover’s critical commentary was the performance of a high school band — one meant to honor the sacrifice of US troops.  The FFRF is one of a few groups of militant secularists that try to scour the country to find things over which to be offended, in an attempt to remove religion from the public square in the US — even if it means going after an obscure high school marching band.

Local columnist Laurie Roberts’ original take on the subject can be read here.  You can watch a video of the “offensive” performance here:


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