Mikey Weinstein Threatens to Sue UNG

After previously belittling and then speaking at the University of North Georgia, multiple headlines now claim Michael “Mikey” Weinstein is going to file a lawsuit:

The University of North Georgia has come under fire in the ongoing war on Christianity.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is suing the school, accusing it of holding a 9/11 memorial service that invoked the “Christian God…”

The media articles (including one from the student paper) fail to note that Weinstein has threatened to sue many people for many reasons over the years — including even this website — and has almost never followed through. (The few he did file were quickly dismissed.)  Weinstein’s threats are empty, if they’re even threats at all. In this case, it wasn’t even Weinstein who made the threat: West Point dropout Blake Page (Weinstein’s “special assistant”) said the MRFF

decided to pursue media attention and litigious options.

Good luck with those “litigious options” — which Page says the MRFF is considering because … ISIS.  (Seriously, you can read his letter.)  The Alliance Defending Freedom has publicly defended the school.

The school’s student publication of Page’s threat had only two comments, both of whom claimed to have participated in the events under criticism, and both of whom contradicted Page’s characterization:

I was the main speaker at the event and i would like to go on the record for saying that there was no “religious message” in my speech…SO i would like to say congratulations to MRFF you have started you little campaign by spreading lies!

I am in the corps of cadets, and can personally verify that the 9/11 vigil was completely optional.

Page joins Weinstein and Chris Rodda to form an activist anti-Christian trio that can’t even get basic facts correct.