Air Force Academy Football Team Prays with Opponents

Though there have been quite a few attacks on public displays of Christianity at the US Air Force Academy, that didn’t appear to deter USAFA football players from taking a knee with their opponents at Arizona Christian University:

The USAFA JV squad lost 42-38. ACU President Len Munsil had strong words for the expression of faith in today’s military:

While extreme anti-Christian groups may try to drive military cadets away from expressing their faith, young men of courage and Christian commitment will continue finding ways to express their faith in public.

As to the prayer itself, the ACU football team seems to understand there are important things in life beyond the football field:

ACU captain Brennan Bowen…took the opportunity to thank God for his gridiron opponents who have made the decision to defend the liberty American enjoy…Bowen appropriately quoted John 15:13, in which Jesus assured, “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

Amen to that, and to religious freedom.

Photo credit: ACU.