Military Christians Targeted in Face of Islamic Extremism

Recent news reports indicate two US citizens were recently killed while fighting on the side of the terror group known as ISIS, which has declared an “Islamic state” in northern Iraq and eastern Syria.  (Reports indicate that makes at least three Americans killed fighting on the side of the Islamic extremists so far, and others want to.)

A second American citizen who died fighting for terror group ISIS in Syria has been identified as Abdirahmaan Muhumed of Minneapolis, reports have said.

Fox News reported that the 29-year-old Somali-American died in the same battle as Douglas McArthur McCain, the first American to be identified as having died on the Islamic militant side.

It turns out former US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the man sentenced to death for killing more than a dozen of his fellow soldiers in the 2009 massacre, wants to become a citizen of this new Islamic state (more proof, some say, the attack was an act of terrorism, not “workplace violence“).

In an interesting bit of timing, Army Sgt Hasan Akbar — sentenced to death in 2005 for a grenade attack on his fellow troops in Kuwait — had his appeal heard last week.

Both Akbar and Hasan were US soldiers who killed their fellow troops in attacks motivated by their Islamic faith. They were joined by PFC Naser Abdo and Marine Reservist Yonathan Melaku, who were likewise motivated by their Islamic faith to attack or plan attacks against the US military.

During the period of the 13 attacks or planned attacks on the US military by men motivated by their Islamic faith — four of which came from within by Islamic US military troops — exactly zero attacks or planned attacks were waged against or within the US military by men motivated by their Christian faith.

Yet Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has clamored for years that Christians are the real threat — even going so far as to call Christians “national security threats” who should be disqualified from public service.  Interestingly, Weinstein claims it is Christians who want to take over the world in a battle for Armageddon, while Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Marty Dempsey says Islamic extremists are the ones with the “apocalyptic, end of days strategic vision.”  al Qaeda even named the US Air Force Academy — another frequent Weinstein victim — as a potential target of its extremist Islamic vendetta.

Hypocritically, Weinstein has said little to nothing about any of these attacks motivated by Islam, even though he had personal contact with one of the now-jailed extremists. Instead, Weinstein’s vitriol is aimed at Christians — whom he claims are the real threat to America.  In fact, Weinstein has even gone so far as to say Christians are the cause of Islamic extremist attacks.

Ironically, some ‘militant’ atheists have sided with Weinstein, apparently abandoning their normal skeptical demands for evidence in favor of Weinstein’s religious fervor targeting Christians.

In the face of attacks by Weinstein, the US Congress has passed laws requiring the US military to protect religious liberty within its ranks.  Weinstein’s attacks have exclusively been on Christians in the US military.  Even now, the controversy continues as Weinstein asserts US military Christians are trying to start a nuclear war and deserve to be punished if they write a Bible verse on a white board.

Mikey Weinstein has been enriching himself tilting at windmills for years — while intentionally ignoring the real giants.

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