Air Force Leader Calls Staff Meeting, Announces Sexuality

Retired Air Force LtCol Chris Rowzee, a 1984 graduate of the US Air Force Academy and a leader of the homosexual activist AMPA, recently gave a speech at a homosexual march in Ohio. Here’s how she describes what happened after DADT was repealed:

After coming out to my chain of command, I called my subordinate staff into my office, my senior NCOs, my junior officers, and I told them.

Nothing like an official military staff meeting called so the boss can announce her sexuality.

In an interesting contrast, some people (like Mikey Weinstein’s assistant Chris Rodda) have complained when senior officers have mentioned their faith even when merely introducing themselves.  It doesn’t seem anyone lodged an objection to Rowzee’s special announcement of her sexuality.

Was the repeal of DADT a non-event for these “senior NCOs and junior officers?”

You can read the entirety of Rowzee’s speech on the AMPA site.