Will Mikey Weinstein Fear US Marine Corps Chaplaincy? (Video)

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein — the man who runs a “charity” that claims Christians in the US military are trying to start a nuclear war — may have a new reason for fear. You see, RAdm Brent W. Scott just became the chief Chaplain of the entire US Marine Corps.

As the senior Navy chaplain serving in the Marine Corps, Scott will oversee nearly 300 chaplains and 250 religious program specialists currently supporting the spiritual needs of Marines. He will also serve as a key advisor to the commandant on religious accommodation, morals and ethics, and the spiritual welfare of the force.

New US Navy Chief of Chaplains RAdm Margaret Kibben, Chaplain Scott’s new boss, was enthusiastic about Scott and the importance of his position: 

During her remarks, she shared the importance of Scott’s position, “as an extension of the commandant but, more importantly, an extension of God…an opportunity to be the witness and the presence of God wherever you go.”

So what does Mikey Weinstein have to fear?

It seems Chaplain (Radm) Scott is endorsed by the Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches (CFGC). That’s the same group Mikey Weinstein sued in 2009, saying he wanted to cripple the group and drive them out of the Department of Defense.

Weinstein has played up his “fear” before. His research assistant Chris Rodda once used his insecurity as a fundraising prop, claiming he didn’t pay himself anything and needed security. She failed to mention he paid himself about about $250,000 that year — but it made for a good story.

Similarly, Weinstein claimed the CFGC and its chaplains were responsible for a “fatwa” against him via the “imprecatory prayers” of Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt.  In the lawsuit, Weinstein connected the CFGC and Klingenschmitt by saying that Klingenschmitt was the CFGC’s “henchman” and “called upon his followers to commit violence, or even kill, Michael Weinstein” on the CFGC’s behalf.

Weinstein lost that suit, and now a member of that group is the top Chaplain in the US Marine Corps.

So will Weinstein complain about the chaplain, or call for his ouster as he has others? Maybe. Will he use it as a fundraising prop, as he has the religious liberty of US troops?  Maybe.

Maybe he’ll claim Chaplain Scott is secretly going to have the US Marines abduct him to prevent Weinstein from interfering with the secret plans for Christians to take over the world. Far-fetched? Hardly. The sad part is Weinstein, Rodda, and the most extreme example, Rick Baker, really think there’s a conspiracy among James Dobson, Dick Cheney, and Colonel Sanders for Christians to start a nuclear war and institute a “worldwide bloodbath” to take over the world.

Weird Al has something to say about that.  (1:17, “Oh by the way, I’ve cracked the code…”