Air Force Article Celebrates Pride, Slights Faith

In what was probably an attempt at clever semantics, Aviano Air Base advertised its homosexual “Pride Month” as “Celebrating ‘Pride,’ condemning prejudice.” Unfortunately, the inarticulate result is a title that implies the Air Force celebrates sexuality and “condemns” the opposing view of its religious Airmen as “prejudice.”

Interestingly, the spokesperson for Aviano’s event cited diversity not only in sexuality, but also in religion [emphasis added]: 

“The Air Force, by design, is an eclectic potpourri of excellence comprised of men and women from all backgrounds, faiths and ethnic groups. We are incredible because we’re different,” said Maj. Michelle Libbey, 31st Comptroller Squadron/Wing Staff Agencies commander.

Unfortunately, Libbey went a step further and endorsed the views of a homosexual lobby — and quoted the Christian Bible when she did so [emphasis added]:

“You might be familiar with the ‘NOH8 Campaign’ … Their mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media and [silent] visual protest. For the most part, I agree with them. However, hate is a necessary evil. I urge you…hate ignorance…hate cruelty…hate judgment…and love your neighbors as yourselves.”

The “NoH8 campaign” was a movement specifically created to attack the successful passage of a California constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman. The movement very intentionally associated the traditional view of marriage — one largely shared by religious faithful — with “hate.” That seems an odd viewpoint for an Air Force officer to endorse, “for the most part,” particularly in a month that is supposed to be celebrating diversity, including diversity of “faith.”

Despite the implied slight, neither the Christian, Islamic, or Jewish faiths — nor those people who base their moral views on other things — are “ignorance,” or “cruelty,” or “judgment” simply because they hold to the traditional view of marriage.

According to one official, the widespread publicity given to Air Force celebrations of homosexual “pride” is due to the fact the Air Force has “a lot of making up to do.”  By the same token, some statements might make it easy to forget this “pride” month is supposed to celebrate tolerance and diversity, given the intolerance shown to diverse religious beliefs.  Of course, some people — including one government official — have noted the conflict between tolerance for sexual behavior and tolerance for religious faith — and believe sexual behavior wins over religion.