LtGen Jerry Boykin Reprimanded over 2008 Book

Retired US Army LtGen William “Jerry” Boykin was apparently reprimanded last year for his 2008 book Never Surrender (reviewed here years ago):

According to the Jan. 23, 2013, memorandum, the Army determined that Boykin’s book disclosed “classified information concerning cover methods, counterterrorism/counter-proliferation operations, operational deployments, infiltration methods, pictures, and tactics, techniques and procedures that may compromise ongoing operations.”

Interestingly, General Boykin seemed to downplay, rather than rebut, the reprimand. By the same token, he noted there was more to the story: 

The Defense Department first launched an investigation into his book shortly after it was published and determined in 2010 that he had not released any classified information, he said. The Army then reopened the investigation about two years later, after he publicly voiced objections to several Pentagon policies, including the ongoing integration of women into more jobs in the military, he said.

To be fair, it does seem a little unusual that the Army would investigate something a second time years later and suddenly come to the opposite conclusion.

Boykin has been particularly outspoken against the government and military on certain issues, including national security and military religious freedom.  He is a vice president of the Family Research Council.

While it may provide fodder for his critics, the retired Boykin seemed understandably non-plussed:

“Any reprimand has to be taken seriously, so I don’t want to come across as flippant about it,” he said. “But at this stage in my life, it really hasn’t had any impact on my life like it would have if it had happened when I was on active duty.”

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