Air Force Publishes AFI 1-2, Commander’s Responsibilities

To mixed reviews, the Air Force Chief of Staff has published a second Air Force Instruction, AFI 1-2, Commander’s Responsibilities, which lays out the expectations and responsibilities of commanders.

To some extent, it may permit the Air Force to describe why commanders get fired. As opposed to “loss of confidence,” the AF can now say they violated a specific provision of AFI 1-2.

The AFI contains a few notable phrases, starting with a quote from Title 10 [emphasis added]:

2.2. …All commanding officers and others in authority in the Air Force are required:

(3) to guard against and suppress all dissolute and immoral practices, and to correct, according to the laws and regulations of the Air force, all persons who are guilty of them…

2.3. Accordingly, commanders must be above reproach, both morally and ethically

It is admirable the Air Force wants it commanders to be morally “above reproach” and to “guard against and suppress all dissolute and immoral practices.”

The obvious question, though: Using what moral standard?

Also at the Air Force Times.