Chaplains Visit Billy Graham Library, Refocus Ministry

Seven chaplains from Fort Bragg recently visited the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC, helping them “refocus” their ministry:

“Praise God we’ve got to go through the cross to get in there,” Capt. Mike Krog said, referring to the cross-shaped glass entrance to the Library…

The men–all paratroopers who have served overseas–were eager to take the Library’s Journey of Faith tour which documents how God used Billy Graham, the son of a dairy farmer, to reach millions around the world with the Gospel.

The military is a “rigorous mission field,” and the chaplains were encouraged not to be ashamed of the Gospel:

Capt. Krog…was particularly encouraged by the way Mr. Graham shared “a simple Gospel in an unashamed way.”

While evangelism is challenging as a military chaplain, he said, he was reminded not to be ashamed of God’s Word.

“The Good News, in and of itself, has a power of its own,” Cross said.

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