Scorpion Jet Continues Test

Textron/Cessna’s Scorpion — an industry produced military-jet hopeful previously notedcontinues to progress through its flight test, according to a local press release:

Recent flights have been gathering data about the aircraft’s performance at various speeds, altitudes and climb rates, and the responsiveness of its avionics, flight controls and landing systems, the company reports.

So far, pilots have tested the plane at 30,000 feet and at a maximum airspeed of 495 mph true airspeed.

The Scorpion marks one of the fastest developments of a U.S.-built tactical jet, Textron said. The project progressed from an initial design to first flight in less than 24 months.

There are no public buyers, but with a substantial representation of former defense officials associated with the company, it is likely evident where the Scorpion is intended to go.

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