Another Billboard Goes up at USAFA

The Restore Military Religious Freedom coalition took a page from Mikey Weinstein’s playbook and posted a billboard near the US Air Force Academy:

On a background of Mount Rushmore, the text reads:

Air Force Cadets: Are you free to say “So help me God?” They did.

and references the website.  The text, which refers to the Presidential tradition of saying “so help me God” at their inauguration, is apparently a reference to the omission of the words from Contrails, the “change” to the cadet honor oath, and even the recent whiteboard incident.

(The whiteboard incident is still making news, with Nate Kellum, a ChristianPost contributor, accusing USAFA of “teaching religious censorship” when it used the Bible verse as a “teachable moment” to instruct cadets not to express their faith.)

Rather than the one or two weeks of the MRFF billboards, the RMRF coalition piece will reportedly be up for two months.

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One comment

  • Bernard Valentin

    Good job by the patriots.
    It is about time that we hear from the Pro American crowd, not the anti first amendment advocates that hide their anti American ideology under the vail of freedom. Military Freedom stands for just what is says… Military Freedom. Freedom to be a Christian, freedom to be a Jew, freedom to be whatever you want. just like it sounds.
    The socialist agenda at MRFF (Military Religious Freedom Foundation) stands for… banning Christianity, not much else is on their agenda, not a very genuine name for their organization. They are exploiting the ignorance of those who are not able to think for themselves by starting an organization that most would agree sounds genuine, “Military Freedom”, but one only has to scratch the surface to see that everything that Mikey and his organization stands for has never once supported a single person’s military freedom, only suppress it. They are vigorously working to remove the first amendment rights from the very soldiers who are sworn to protect that right for ALL Americans.
    MRFF has never once even tried to demonstrate how a cadet exercising his belief by writing a bible verse on the door of his personal residence can be interpreted as the government establishing a mandatory religion or better yet how it has made it a hostile environment. Wouldn’t the mandatory removal of all religious references be the establishment of Atheism, which by definition is a religion?
    My earnest support goes behind you to finally see an organization fight back against the anti American groups that have run unopposed for far too long.

    God Bless America, God Bless You!