US Chaplain Serves from Faith in Afghanistan

US military personnel celebrate Purim in Afghanistan (US Army photo).

A religious studies student inspired by the role of the military in Israeli culture would eventually become a rabbi in the US military. US Army Chaplain (Capt) Heather Borshof appreciates the fact she can bring her faith to her profession, and to her interactions with others:

“One of the things I love about the military is that it’s not your typical congregation where you mostly work with people of your same faith,” added Borshof. “I get to work with everyone. I believe very strongly in not pushing ones faith or any faith onto somebody. When people come to me and ask questions, I will try to answers them or give them something from my perspective. I might say, “Hey, this is how I see things and you don’t necessarily have to see things this way.”

That is an excellent description of the role of chaplains in the US military. They serve all — but they serve all from their faith. They can serve without compromising their faith or affirming things with which they disagree. That is the beauty of the military chaplaincy — and the value of religious freedom in the US military.